How the Furniture Consignment process works at Home Again Clearwater:

461_large_GREYWhen you consign furniture at Home Again, you agree to allow Home Again to sell your furniture for you. Once an items has sold, you will be paid 50% of the sales price. Your furniture will be placed for sale in our showroom wholesale for a period of 120 days. Our experienced staff will evaluate your furniture and give each item a price where it is expected to sell within the consignment period. Items that have not sold in 30 days will be marked down 15%. Items unsold after 60 days will be marked down an additional 15%. After 90 days the items will be marked down 50% from the initial selling price. Home Again is successful in selling most of the consigned items but in the event an item has not sold after 120 days, you will have 7 days to come retrieve it… See consignment agreement

Furniture We Accept:

Small items you can sell at Home Again:

Lamps, mirrors, framed art, clocks, vases, silk florals, sculptures, figurines, table ornaments…You can carry in small items Tuesday-Saturday 11:00-4:00. A consignment desk associate will assist you in determining if your items are marketable in the store. A sales price will be determined based on factors such as market demand, brand, quality, and condition of your items. You will receive a report listing your items and their selling prices. Your items will be tagged and displayed in the Home Again showroom within 24 hours.

Large furniture items you can sell at Home Again:

Tables, chairs, bookcases, curios, entertainment centers, wall units, sofas, Authentic Eric Wood Jersey loveseats, recliners, chaises, serving carts, bakers racks, desks, credenzas, buffets, hutches, beds (no mattresses), dressers, chests, armoires, area rugs, room dividers, grandfather clocks…

Home Again requires photos of large items before scheduling delivery to the store. Please use the Submit Items form on this website. Once we have received your photos, we will contact you to discuss selling prices and to schedule your items to be delivered to the store.

Condition, Delivery and Purchasing of Furniture:

Condition of items sold at Home Again:

Home Again only accepts quality furniture that is in good physical condition. We do not accept upholstered furniture or rugs from homes with pets or smokers. We do not accept upholstered furniture with rips, odors, or stains. We do not accept furniture that is broken or missing parts, or mattresses.

Delivering large furniture to the store:

Home Again will schedule a date for you to deliver your large furniture items to the store. If you would like to have your furniture picked up and delivered to the store, we will schedule a mover with whom we have established a working relationship for a nominal fee.

Will Home Again outright purchase my furniture?

Yes, at the discretion of the store, Home Again can make you an offer to purchase your large furniture items. We can buy 1 item or an entire house full of furniture. When Home Again purchases your items, we pay the moving fee. You will make more if you consign, but if you don’t want to wait for your items to sell and if you want to get paid immediately, selling your items to the store may be the best option for you.